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Walls and ceilings

A wide range of wall- and ceiling systems were already presented. Therefore we have experience in many brands and types, not a single type is unknown. From plasterboard walls to movable solid and even glass walls over mineral ceilings or ceilings in metal. We know how to work it.

From the start, we think along and provide support with our experience and advice. Together we’ll review all option’s pro’s and con’s and we’ll advise you in making a well-considered choice. Next, when all stakeholders are satisfied, we can help you by elaborating the execution plans.


We can offer all types of doors for your project. We team up with suppliers who are fully up-to-date with the latest trends in terms of functionality and design. The integration is done by our own skilled workers. Emergency doors with panic fitting, burglary protection, access control or automation? We’re happy to help.

We’ll also provide you with a door list.

Fire safety

Fire safety is a underestimated topic. We, however, closely follow the latest regulations making sure all demands are fulfilled. We provide the necessary fire certificates. Looking for a tailor-made solution? We can do it.


To enhance your employee’s productivity, it’s important they can focus on what they’re doing without being bothered with office noises. U can count on us to improve your office’s acoustic performance. From research to professional execution, you can ask us for help. We’d love to hear from you!


A space who has all the right functional feature only needs a small paint job to become a real asset. We can finish your project to perfection. U can count on us to paint your doors, walls, baseboards, ceilings and even your exterior joinery. We won’t let you down.


Besides a neat paint job, a specific flooring can contribute to the appereance of your space. Our suppliers provide us with the best quality and latest trends. From PU-floors to vinyl ones, epoxy, cement-bound floors, parquet and ceramic floor over poly or polished concrete. We’ll discuss all possibilities.


In need of plastering? Just ask. We’re experienced with plastering ceilings and walls. We can mechanically fix base cement plasters.

In need of outer roughcast on isolation? That’s possible.

PUR and screed

Once the contractor has left the site and all installations are fixed, the application of PUR can start. Depending on the finishing of the floor, the screed can be placed. You can also contact us for this type of work.


We advise you while integrating techniques in your construction project. Since we’re involved from the design stage, we avoid unnecessary costs due to useless adaptions in function of techniques to install. This is how we save a lot of time and budget.


As an official dealer for SKELLET in Flanders, we offer the right solutions for building sheds en their lay-out and the creation of mezzanines. This type of profile is easy to assemble, adaptable and moveable. For more technical information and specifications, we’d like to refer you to our partner’s website:

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