About This Project

Total renovation offices Rexel


For this beautiful project we carried out the total finishing. We started here with the floor insulation and then the polished concrete. After that everything was ready to start with the walls. We executed +- 600m2 plasterboard walls here as well as +- 300m2 mobile walls. For these mobile walls, we had both partially glazed walls and fully glass walls with frames around the doors. All of these with a minimum acoustic value of 40db.

For the ceilings we placed the Rockfon 43db with concealed hanging system in the meeting rooms, which have a very high sound absorption (class A), enabling confidential conversations in offices!

For other rooms, both the Rockfon Pallas and parts of plasterboard ceilings were chosen. We also had to carry out +- 100m level reduction, under which we could connect the system walls to this level reduction in a second phase. We also included all doors, EI60 sliding walls automatically closing in case of fire and folding walls in this project.


Since nothing is too much for Confistruct, even for urgent matters and to help our customer, we even took on the construction of a number of walls made from full concrete blocks in the high-voltage cabin! A great project with a beautiful end result and another satisfied customer as a result!

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