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Total office finishing Saskia Faelens (Ghent)


Our client bought this beautiful hull building at De Nieuwe Dokken in Ghent. She wants to use the property to establish her healing center activities. From an initial conversation it quickly became clear that acoustics were a very important factor here. This is because group classrooms as well as office spaces are located in the same building.

In consultation with the client, we therefore used high-class acoustic doors for certain rooms as well as very high acoustic absorbent ceilings and partitions, mobile walls and glass walls.

The doors have an acoustic value of 45db. This is due to of steel plates that are incorporated in the door leaf with sealing rubbers and drop seal.For the partitions we used special MW profiles in combination with 60mm glass wool and double sound shield 12.5mm plating on both sides. With this we obtain walls with an acoustic value of 60db. For the ceilings we chose Armstrong Eleganza acoustic absorbent ceiling. This provides an absorption value of alfwa w 0.95.

In other rooms, where acoustics are of less importance, we opted for a seamless plasterboard ceiling and in the sanitary areas Perla OP 60/60 tiled ceilings. In both the plasterboard ceilings and the Armstrong Eleganza ceilings we installed LED strips with a beautiful result.

All this makes this project very unique thanks to the many special acoustic elements and construction details.

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