About This Project

Terrace renovation New Zebra (Ghent)


In Zebrastraat in Ghent you can find the architectural new-build site New Zebra. An impressive courtyard that is accessible to all surrounding apartments by lift. At the time, bamboo was chosen to decorate the courtyard. Because the roots of the bamboo continued to grow, this could cause problems.

Here we had to move 800m2 concrete tiles of 1m * 1m, with a weight of +- 80 kg per tile, in phases. This in order to be able to perform the waterproofing under the tiles for the better. The biggest challenge of this challenging project was without a doubt the 3 huge flowerpots that had to be emptied, moved, replaced and refilled. These flowerpots are +- 2m high and weigh 350 kg when empty. This zone could not be reached by crane. We designed and welded a crane ourselves so that we could not overload the tile carriers and still be able to move the flowerpots. With this crane it was a piece of cake to carry out this project.

The many residents can now continue to enjoy the impressive courtyard without any worries.

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