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Nursing home Ten Rozen Aalst


We carried out the total renovation of 9 bathrooms for Ten Rozen nursing home at Aalst. Instead of a normal door, our customer wanted 2 sliding doors that close in the corner of the bathroom. This way the disabled can open the 2 sliding doors, making it seem as if the bathroom forms one whole with the rest of the room. As a result, there is much more space and, above all, it is much more wheelchair accessible. For the 2 sliding doors that close together at the corner, we made a trimming construction so that stability can be assured. They also wanted a shower in every room while there was no shower in the rooms yet.

We started by breaking out the floor of the bathrooms so that we could install and connect all drains and water pipes. Then we placed screed everywhere with tiles as floor finish. We also reinstalled a large part of the wall tiles.

We have fully equipped the bathroom with appliances for disabled people such as an adapted washbasin, folding seat, folding hand rest, tilting mirror, …

A nice project with high pressure on the schedule, as the rooms had to be ready as soon as possible for potential corona patients.

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