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Finishing of 10 full moon and 10 native houses in Pairi Daiza


This was undoubtedly one of our most challenging projects ever. An extreme, almost impossible schedule. Develop and implement non-existent finishing elements as well as the total coordination of all parties on this enormous project “The Last Frontier”.

In addition to coordinating all parties that worked directly for Pairi Daiza, we gained experience through G&L Works and also the total finishing of the 10 Hobbit (full moon) and 10 native houses in progress. Yes, really, just like in the movie. Round windows, doors, ceilings, … These projects were full of challenges. Such as switching the floor finish from parquet to irregular panels. This transition had to be in an irregular curved line. The screed therefore had to work on different levels and had to follow the curvature perfectly according to plan.

The bathrooms of the hobbit houses were also a huge challenge. Here all walls had to be curved as well as a ceiling curved in special shape to be connected to these walls. After this, the complete bathrooms were worked out in mortex.

We even put up the hotel’s mascot “The Paddling Bear”. This is a boat of + -10m long with bears carved out of wood. It weighed more than 1,500 kg and we hung it in the lobby in a spectacular way on steel cables at a height of 5m.

Superb finishing, worked with fantastic architects and products. Thank you for this!

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