About This Project

Business center DE MOT (Mechelen)


At the request of tenant Wolters Kluwer in the Motstaat in Mechelen, customer Leasinvest opts for a total upgrade of the building. More than 10,000m2 of office space.

After relocating the various tenants, furnishing the space for the new tenant and relocating the existing ones, Leasinvest gives the additional assignment to Alias REC to take care of the furnishing. A concept from A to Z, including smaller structural works, with exterior construction and responsibility for the techniques.

The business center “The MOT” was established. A pleasant work, play and feel area of 2,500m2 of restaurant, meeting rooms, open space, office spaces, lounge, …

After the solemn and official opening of Mayor Bart Somers, the area has gained a great experience!

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