Knowlegde you can rely on

the best professionals thanks to permanent training

We’re a team full of strong profiles with many years of experience in finishing. Our own in-house talents are the best professionals in the field thanks to permanent training. Our subcontractors are carefully selected and screened.

Each shakle has their own interesting network to make sure we can always team up with the best partners and suppliers.

Who are we and
what is our philosophy?

At ConfiStruct, we make sure everybody can focus on what they do best. From workers to calculators, our project managers and administrational support. This leads to motivated employees who are loyal to the company and who have a personal follow-up on the projects. The result is a very high customer satisfaction.

The client’s wishes are key and are complemented with many years of experience and unparalleled know-how. During the entire project, our client will always have a personal and close partner within ConfiStruct.

The Confistruct Team

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”
Michael Jordan

Mathias De Rijck
Managing partner & finance

Kevin De Rijck
Project manager

Lee Vlerick
Managing partner

Creating a success together?

Everything starts with a good conversation.